Guy Ciarrocchi Clear Winner of First Debate

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Carlisle, Pennsylvania—After tonight's performance at the first televised GOP gubernatorial debate Guy Ciarrocchi proved that he is the only candidate focused on real issues and the real people hurt by Democrats' misguided policies. 

Guy's responded to a series of topics from economic competitiveness and energy to workforce challenges and COVID policy with photos of real Pennsylvanians, including his Chester County Chamber members, small business owners, a classroom of students, and his softball team—who motivated his run for Governor.  

Guy for Governor Campaign Chairman Jim Cawley issued the following statement after tonight's stand-outdebate performance by Ciarrocchi. 

"Guy's command of the issues and plan to lead Pennsylvania stood out from the rest. Guy showed everyone he has a strong, positive vision for the Commonwealth and the experience in and outside of Harrisburg to achieve results starting on Day 1. He is the candidate with the best message and experience to defeat Josh Shapiro."   
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