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During the first GOP Debate, Guy wore a tie made by his oldest daughter Alex 20 years ago when she was in kindergarten.

City & State PA

“It’s as if Harrisburg has wanted us to fail,” Ciarrocchi said. “We have more assets than almost every other state, from agriculture to the life sciences. We’re sitting on more energy than most nations on the planet. With the assets we have, with those universities we have, there’s no reason we’re not a top 10 state.” 

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“Ciarrocchi opted to bring an array of blown up photographs as visual aids, which he held up in order to illustrate various points, like his commitment to charter schools”

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The Daily Item

“The Wolf administration closed too many businesses and was too slow to reopen, Ciarrocchi said. Like others on stage, he was critical of extended unemployment benefits. The next governor must air on the side of liberty, he said.”
“No mandates, no lockdowns. You provide people with information and then treat them like adults,” Ciarrocchi said.”

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Fox 43

"No mandates, no lockdowns," said Guy Ciarrocchi, the Chester County Chamber President. "You provide people with information and treat them like adults." 

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AP News

"Guy Ciarrocchi, the former CEO of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry, said the state is “duty bound” to extract as much natural gas it can to help the nation, as well as attract downstream businesses that use it."

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